There are basically three different classes of 'real Mongolian Ger' for sale in Holland:

Straight import of 'Standard Mongolian Quality',

'Made in Mongolia by Nooitmeerhaast',

and 'Made in Holland by Nooitmeerhaast'.

For the first quality we have to refer you to one of our esteemed collegues, find them on
For the second option, read more below.
For the third option, please contact us by email for prices and possibilities.
Nooitmeerhaast has so far been basically a rental and knowledge-centre.
Sales were never so much of our interest.
Lately our workshop in Baarle has been totally busy with 'students' making their own gers under our guidance, and we had no time or space to make ger for sale.
To answer to the demand there seems to be for our top-quality Ger, and since we do not want to make them all ourselves, (and do not want to let off our queest for top-quality), last year we started an experiment to import Ger from Mongolia.
With new contacts in Mongolia, we are now offering complete Ger for sale, partly made in Mongolia, partly in Holland
Many customers (Texelyurts, CampSpirit, and twenty-odd private people) have been using these imported Ger in Holland for three years now, and we feel there is sufficient good news to continue this idea.
There is still place for improvement, especially in detailing, but if we don't try, who does?
Actually, we are thankfull that these customers want to run this test together with us.

Of course, in the Mongolian production we use the same high standards of craftmanship and materials that we have developed over the years, in our rental and living experiences.
Due to the climate differences between Mongolia and Holland, some thing are different with these Ger, as compared to made-in-Holland-Ger:
We don't paint the frames, we put one coat of linseed-oil, leaving the wood-colour visible, yet it protects the wood for a limited period, and during transport.
These Ger will need to be painted or varnished approximately half a year after arrival in Holland, to give the wood some time to adjust to our climate.
Or, they can be repeatedly be linseed-oiled, once a year.
We can do the painting for you in our workshop, but only after a period of acclimatisation, and only in standard-orange

All these Ger-frames are in full Larch, glued with 2-component Polyurethane, then linseed-oiled.
All these Gers have real cotton white inner liner, Mongolian 100% wool felt, our trusted poly/cotton canvas, and our standard polyester outer cover with blue decorations.
Bullet-proof windows in door and roof-ring, best choice belts and ropes, and synthetic knots in the wall-lattices are standard.

These ger are delivered with light-weight stove, which will last a year or so, but we can offer advice on where to obtain an appropiate heater for your purpose-of-use.

Prices for these 'imported NMH-Ger'.
We offer three sizes, 4-wall, 5-wall, and 6-wall.
And all these sizes in two versions, decorated or plain.
For up-to-date prices please call Harm Koopmans-Woudhuizen, 06 30317379