The book is in the shape of a traditional Oriental book: Loose leaf, strip format, packed between two (larch)-wooden planks, wrapped in two-tone 'silk', with a tying-string.
Laser-printed on waterproof paper,
it should last forever

It comes with several samples, of wood, rope, felt etc.

I think the knowledge contained in the book is of such a value to mankind, that this is the appropiate way to present and preserve it.

Real knowing has no price, the totally symbolic price for a single copy of this book is set at €100,=.
This includes a lifelong right to call me for extra info.
Most of this money will be used in Mongolia to help in the project Tengrii-Huuchet.

Mailing costs are
Mongolia €2, world €20, that is by
registered mail.
Yes, I cannot wait, send me a book RIGHT NOW!
Order by Email

The Real Mongol Ger Book.
Many times I have been asked to write the final book on Ger, which of course doesn'y really exist, but to do my part, I did write down most of what I know about Ger.
We produce/publish the book ourselves, in Mongola, you can order copy directly by Email, we send worldwide

I am writing to let you know that I received your book. I feel very fortunate to have come upon such a remarkable source of information. It is wonderful to see the knowledge of something I am very inspired by to be presented in such a beautiful way. I hope that I may honor it in all steps I take in the construction a Ger. Please continue your work. Thank you
He Froit,
I received the book! Thank you for such a wonderful item. I have read half already and can't help but marvel at the thought and care that has gone into this work. It is a fantastic item and one I shall treasure
(and use). Many thanks to you,
Best wishes
Hello Froit....
What a wonderful bit of magic you have sent me. What a lovely parcel to open and unravel. I have begun to study it and I very much enjoy the way you communicate your knowledge. I very much appreciate also the samples you sent of the materials used.
Thank you. Heinz
See here
what Stephen Hammond did with the book...

On my visit to Erdene Zuu I passed by the Tsogchin-project-temple for a blessing of this book... CLICK FOR MORE