Khana, or Han
-All khana are equal and interchangeable, have 15 head(big) or 12 head(small).
(exept for 'kitchen'-khana, which is half a spacing shorter).
-Each khana-slat has 12 crossings with the other slats, of which 9 are tied.
-Nooimeerhaast ties the Han with 4 mm Polypropylene
-Khana lean about 10% inward.
Han are steam-bent after tying all knots, to achieve straight, inclining walls
Steamed Han give a flat wall, curved = straight Unsteamed Han give a bent wall, straight = curved.
Han-tips are rounded to a 'thumb', to recieve butts of Un, and prevent 'bridles' from slipping off too easily.
Han-feet are left sqaure to better 'bite' into the ground, to prevent Ger from 'walking'.