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You thought we were mad, with a good cause?
Check these guys out!
  Ger-Tereg, Ulan-Bataar based factory of fine Mongolian Ger,
tipi rentals with a smile., Tim Scarlett's UB-to-GB gers,
Biggest specifically spiritual festival in Europe.
   Robert Matthews makes nice yurts and ger in southern spain..
Tiara Tours, to Mongolia and other places..,
International Central Asia Institute
Altansuche Adilbisch,
Mongoolse traditionele kunstenaar
   Landjuweel festival,
Annual summer gathering in Ruigoord
Her pictures on the site are
marked with a white border, voor ecologische textiel, hennep, zijde
homebase ADM
Our documentor (photo and video),and web-advisor!
/ de12a/,
ecological technololgy for the 21st century
A nice documentary of Ger-making in Mongolia
Roboderos sleep in GER!!!   Firecats Glass Art Studio,
run from a ger
Tseren-Tours, friendly and competent tour-operaters in Ulaan Bataar.
Desert-tents from North-Africa
E-mongol, internet shop for mongolian souvenirs and more Stichting Bigheart, zweethutten en voordrachten in/over Noord-Amerikaanse traditie
De Omslag, voor duurzame ontwikkeling   Nicole Zonderhuis, 10 rode hemelwandelaar
Voor de strakste Djembé's, en rollende Doundouns!  Some crazy guys drove a truck to Mongolia and back...
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