Living in ger
Since 1997 we live in our ger, continiously. First in the First-ger, a five-wall, later in ‘tover-ger’,a four-wall. The five was to big for us, she takes twice the amount of firewood, and visitors never left, plenty space. We started out of neccesity, but soon we wanted no other shelter anymore.Living in one round space, no windows,outside, outdoors, moving from time to time.We move 2 to 4 times a year, according to our needs or that of the land or tent. Mostly because we join festivals (by renting a few ger), but often just because the ger needs a good shake-up or the land under it needs the sun. A ger is like a living being, she gotta be moving. Standing still is like dying: fungi,rot,vermin, all kinds of trouble. The nice place where you landed should be left behind nice for the other passers-by to enjoy. With our ger we really notice that we are but passing guests on our planet. Plus you should never forget: a ger is a tent, not a house. She is not built to leave unattended, unfired. Ger should be used, lived, moved, repaired. The exposed wood should get scraped and painted every so often, coverings need shaking to wake up all the unwanted visitors. The wall-lattices slowly grow into the ground, and the ground into them. The white ceiling-cloth wants to go in the laundromat every spring, the canvas may need a patch. The outside cover will be totally eaten by the elements in two to four years, and need replacement. Luckily this is the cheapest piece of the ger.
A REAL GER is a piece of equipment to be used; she is once new and after that never anymore! It doesn’t matter so much how old she gets, but HOW she gets old!
A sound ger should last one generation, and by then every part of it is replaced or fixed or patched once or more often.
For a shelter that shares its bounty every single day that is acceptable.
After living in it ourselves we found that she wears as much as we do.
Ger-living is good for your soul!
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