Technical specs
Nooitmeerhaast-tents are made with four layers of covering,carried by a larch frame.
Each layer has one specific function.
From outside to inside these are:
-The cover, white polyester , a thin cloth that keeps the sun and it's UV-rays off our precious canvas, and also keeps all the other stuff in place. NOT waterproof!

-The waterproof layer, lately Poly/cotton duck, impervious to rain, but breathing for inside moisture. Since 2002 we've been using rot-, weather- and fire-proofed Wheatermarque from Inglis, Schotland.

-The wool/felt layer, which keeps heat in or outside, depending on season, and more important lends rigidity to the frame of the ger. Usually (but not allways), we sew woollen blankets AND a layer of industrial felt together, to achieve a thick, strong, and heavy 'Felt'.

-The plafond, a white inner cotton lining, just to bring brightness to the interior.

The frame, of Dutch renewable larch-forests is in a way also a layer, which keeps the rest off the ground.
Larch is the most rot-resistent local fir, with a nice straight grain and (after carefull selection) virtually no knots.

All these layers also have a more esotheric, spiritual function:
Mother earth,light,fire,water,air.

According to my mongolian teacher Looda, a Ger is just like a human being: Bones, muscle, skin, clothes. Or; frame, felt, canvas, cover.
Without the felt the ger is like a sack-of-bones.