Froit was angry, So is Tim, but what is it about?

UlaanTaij is run by Tim Scarlett, an Englishman, living in Mongolia.
They set up a factory making Ger for export. He and his wife run it.
They started in 2005.
I travelled to UB in 2005 to see if we could do something together.
Like technical advice, or so, to make really good and sound gers.
He only laughed at me.
So I went my way, and sorted out my own Mongolian adventure, euro-yurts

In late 2006 I found out he pinched one pic off my site.
A picture made with my own camera, and then uploaded to my private site,

Then I went to search for more, this page is about what I found:
He claims he works together with 'people in Europe with ten years experience', that would have to be us/me, but then, where is the friendly link on his links-page?.
I gave him some tips on waterproofing, our 'famous patented skirt', and proper jointing, that's all.
He now seems to equip his Ger with wooden 'skirts', patented and all, but I saw them in Mongolia in 2002, long before he ever started, (and I deem them too fragile for the use we demand of our Ger)
The rest he learnt/borrowed off this/my website, including the mentioned pic.
He pasted his copyright on it, without asking.
He uses my phrasing and statements/ideas in many of his pages.
And he doesn't even apologise, or shows his gratitude, by linking us.
That's not nice.
He wants to become the biggest in the Yurt-exporting world?
I don't feel the need to change anything else on this page, below here are the samples (lightblue background, taken off his site 1/4/2007) showing the behaviour of this guy on his website.

All samples are clickable to the relevant pages of the Nooitmeerhaast-website.
If you still want to go to his website, full of XXXXXXXXX, go HERE,
And I apologise if I was wrong, or if he corrected himself, or his site, but until either happens, this stays online.

UPDATE 2009: he sems to have fixed most if not all of my allegations.
Nevertheless, there are still a lot of pics on his website of Gers he didn't make, he just made the piccies (if he did...)

Actually this should be a totally black page, in rememberance of what could have been a fruitfull co-operation, or even friendship, but it seems to go the other way:
Here's my proof of his 'borrowing', and the ensuing conversation.
Clippings of his website in blue background, if you click, an other frame shows the 'original' on NMH-site
His first letter
My reply
his second letter
And my reply

Interesting, although this is straightforwardly ripped from my site, he cannot read: Felt is the Muscle, and Canvas the Skin, the Cover the Clothes...
(you don't want to replace your skin too often, do you?)
In his words, without Felt it would still be a sack of muscle and bones!
(this is an excellent example of how much Tim understands the Ger, not at all..)
Nasty Nasty, this picture appeared summer 2006 as part of my gallery 'Ger-Problems' on my
Without his copyright signature all over it...
It is one of the Ger we slept in in Gana's Guest-House.
All we at 'Nooitmeerhaast' can say to that:
For this price you get made-in-the-west-quality.
Here is Tim's first letter, and below, my reply (censored, of course, by me, on his request)
To: Fridtjof van der Harst
Passport No. xxxxxxxx
Address: Hornweg x, xxxx xx Amsterdam, Holland.
The information you have on your website regarding me, my company and company logo is slanderous. Particularly referring to me as an "xxxxxxx" I'm not sure why you are so angry and frustrated, but nevertheless you are.
I'd appreciate all information and photos regarding me, my company, company logo and any connections to our website at removed from
If the above information is not removed, I will sue you in the Netherlands, specifically looking for financial compensation for personal slander, deformation of registered company logo and losses incurred by my company due to your comments. I will also sue you in Mongolia, I have already taken legal advice on this and although there is little chance of financial compensation, unless you were to open a coffee shop in Ulaanbaatar for instance, it will however result in you being listed as an "undesirable" by the Mongolian government and you will no longer be able to get a visa to visit Mongolia.
If I have not received confirmation from you, or the offending material has not been removed from your website in 72 hours, I will begin legal proceedings.
Best regards
Tim Scarlett
Ulaantaij Ltd.
Bayanzurkh Disrict
6th - Koroo, Dorjin Road

Mobile:xx xxxxxx
Hi Tim, or Mr Jon T. Scarlett, whatever pleases you best,
What an angry letter!
I am honoured that you finally took some time of your busy schedule, and checked our web-site.
We always like visitors, regardless of their background or intent.
It seems the visit got you angry.
I am sorry for that, it is, and was, not my intention at all.
My intention with this page on the web, is telling to MY visitors , what I think about how you do your business.
That is my full right, under freedom of speech and all that.
I could have also sent you a letter of course, but then, you never asked me for users-rights on the photo you did use off our site.
(which I would have given without any conditions, since I see it as a straightforward fact, recorded by me, by accident.)

I am also honoured to find, that you took the time to dig up my passport-number and all that.
Impressive, like you keep an archive, wow.

As you may see yourself, <>, I have removed most, if not all of the items that I think may unrightfully enrage you personally, or hurt your company in any way.
As you will also notice, I post this ridiculous conversation as well, since I feel, again, that MY web-visitors have a right to learn about you, and how you go about your business.
The stuff that I think to be right and true, I will leave online until you convince me that they are wrong.
I am not going to check your web-site every day to see if you have corrected the stuff that got me angry in the first place.
I got other stuff to do.
And in the meantime, the link to your page will stay the way it is, although I have removed your logo's on your (strange?) request.
You might consider putting a link to us on your site, no?

About unrightfully using your logo, I had to redraw it myself, since I deemed the quality of the logo 's on your site unfit for mine.
And I do not use them for my personal profit, I use them to express my point-of-view.

I am not aware that this wretched page on our web-site has led to any loss of business on your side.
But if it has, sorry, I value an honest advice, and customer-satisfaction, higher than turnover, be it mine, or yours.
I have no way of finding out how many single-page-views this page has had since it is online, but I am sure it is not many.
I will have to ask my web-master if he can find out, but he is currently in Bhutan.

As you probably know from your in-depth research, we are also making and exporting Gers/parts of Gers, in/from Mongolia, as an addition to our traditional activities in Holland.
After visiting you in the workshop a few times, I lost the conviction that you/Ulaantaij would be able to meet the quality-standards that we deem necessary.
So I set out myself to find what we want.
My full right, no? It's a free world.
I think you should have no obtrusion from our Ger-making activities at all, since we deal with totally different groups of customers. I have for instance not sold one ger in GB yet, but I have re-directed several requests your way.

I also have to congratulate you on finding out that I/we plan to open a cafe in UB, and will make sure you and your miss will be sent an invitation for the grand opening in due time.

As a final point, FYI, we were involved (as witness/specialists) in a court-case of a Mongolian Ger-Company being sued for damages by their Dutch client, and then I was also then threatened to have my visa blocked, for the way I speak about the current state of affairs in Mongolia and Ger-building.
As you can see, I am still freely coming and going here.
If you still want to pursue that path, good luck.
I think I am right in what I say, here and on my web-site, and protected by all relevant laws in Holland as well as in Mongolia.

Be a man, and bury this dispute, or fight it man-to-man, with open visors, on a public stage.

And success with the run for the 500th Ger, that will be some celebration!

Sincerely yours, with an open heart,
(I prefer short, compact names)
OK, Froit

I have been patient with your silly games pretending to be a master yurt builder/ expert from our first conversation. You have not amended/ removed the details from your website, hence I will do as I promised.

However, for the record, as you seem so intent on badmouthing me and my company, I would like the world to see you for what you are, a hippy, who sponges on Dutch society and who pretends to help people but is only really interested in using them for his own benefit/ personal gain . So if you really want to be fair, then tell both sides of the story - post this email on your website as well.

When we first spoke on the phone you only talked about wanting to help Mongolia make better quality ger. You mentioned you had money to spend on this, and would even be be prepared to ship machinery to Mongolia to help achieve this. I mentioned I would be interested in setting up a training programme for youngsters in order to help them learn a craft, ger making. To this end I sponsored your business visa so you could stay in Mongolia longer to achieve this.

However, after driving to the airport to pick you up, and having spoken for the first time, I realised it was a mistake. I'm afraid I do not view you as a valuable or productive member of society. You are proud of the fact that your workshop in Holland is a squat, moving from place to place each year, even though you make enough money renting ger through the summer, and can happily travel to Mongolia when you feel like, you are reluctant to  pay your dues like everyone else. Your incessant questions regarding every financial detail of my business was not the sort of attitude I'd expect from someone who had come "to help make ger" but was the attitude of someone that wanted to buy some good quality ger for themselves as cheaply as possible, and hence wanted to find out what I paid for everything. You compounded this by wanting to borrow yurts that had already been sold and were awaiting shipment. You did not seem to care that you would be damaging someone else's property but were only interested in yourself and your own enjoyment.

As for your "training" of our carpenters. That was a joke. All you did was show how a tenon joint fits together. wow. And then showed some Mongolian carpenters a video about how a Mongolian carpenter makes a ger in the countryside. I have never been so embarrassed in all my life. What a waste of time. You gave me a copy of your real Mongol ger book, (but later took it back) I was going to make a copy of it, but after reading it through, found it wasn't worth the trouble. Nothing new. What arrogance to think you can come to Mongolia and present Mongolians a book about how to make ger. Your abilities do not match your ambition.

I decided at that point to have nothing more to do with you. This seemed to make you very angry and I remember you storming out of our office saying that you "wanted to order 100 ger a year but it will not be from you" also mentioning that you would be working with the best ger company in Mongolia. Ger Tereg. Which really made us laugh, we started our own workshop as a result of Ger Tereg. We bought ger from them, just like you did, and just like yours the quality is terrible. But you are so full of shit that right up until the last moment you still kept plugging Ger Tereg as the best in Mongolia. Simply on the basis that you are a sad, stubborn old man who wanted to beat Ulaantaij!!!


That is the reason we wanted nothing to do with you. We made this decision quietly, never said a bad word about you to anyone. Let you do as you wanted, however you wanted to do what you wanted whilst bad mouthing us. Remember we spent a maximum of one day together. We have never done business together, you have not bought anything from me and I have not sold you anything. You are not a customer of ours and have no experience of how we do business.

As for your claims that the Lotus Children's charity have never heard of me: I have donated over US$5,000 to them and have also given them a laptop computer. Out of my own pocket. What did you do other than complain about me?

Your "famous patented skirt" yes we did try it, it's rubbish, we stopped (very quickly) after we devised a much better solution for ourselves.

We took a photo from your website which you are angry about: Ridiculous double standards on your part. Your ger/ yurt info book starts with the phrase "
 These pictures have been collected off the internet in January 2004, my sincere apologies to those people who made them available for not asking their consent"

In sum, you are a non-productive member of society, a sponger, who's only stopped from sliding into insignificance by claiming to be a master ger builder. You attempt to use others under the guise of helping them, but only have your own interests at heart. You shout and scream on the internet like a child when people don't pay you respect. You are a sad human being, more so given your age.

Put this email on your website in full if you have the balls.

Best regards
Tim Scarlett
Is posted, as you wish/
Listen up Tim, I got no time for this childish titty-tat of yours.
Your version of what happened is yours, mine is mine.
So what? Jealous I started my own Mongolian adventure?

I still hold you that you started by plundering/borrowing off my web-site, especially the one of the photo with your copyright on it, AND NOWHERE A SIGN OF THANKS.
I felt so misused when I found out, I made this angry page on my site.
The fact that I used '
These pictures have been collected off the internet in January 2004, my sincere apologies to those people who made them available for not asking their consent" is at least accompanied by an apology.
And I didn't paste my copyright on them.

-Worked with Ger-Tereg?
They fullfilled 98% of our wishes, without any questioning.
Because of the remaining 2% we are now doing it another way, but I am certainly not bad-mouthing them as you are.
- I may look a hippy, and maybe we found a cheaper way to run our company in Holland, but squatting is entirely legal in Holland, and therefore cannot be classified as 'Sponging'.
The National Government supports squatting insofar as it helps keep real-estate-prices under some kind of control.

-And what you think of me personally, as a hippy, or as a free-wheeler, doesn't interest me at all, sorry, victorian times are over.

-Isn't the quality of Mongolian exports improving?
I hear your Ger have significantly improved, for which only you earn credit.
Wasn't that the point of my visit in the first place?
I will not for one moment claim that I had any thing to do with that, even if a tiny bit of it were true.
What you do, is your thing, you have certainly shown that you want nothing to do with me/us.

-don't quite get what you mean with 'borrowing Gers', but I guess it was about renting one Ger for the Naadam-guest-house-project. So what, asking don't hurt, no?
Maybe I was a bit optimistic, since the Ger we make in NL don't wear by being used for a few days?

-I do know I asked questions about your internal finances, but not to get profit out of it for myself:
I was probably (but is long ago now) interested in the relative cost of parts, labour, and how they go together, to better understand where and how production-cost and quality can be shuffled to maximum effect.

-I never intended to make ger myself in Mongolia, but as I found you wouldn't make'm the way I want, I looked for, and found another way. And with success, albeit in much smaller scale than the hundreds you (claim to) sell.

-About the real Mongol Ger book, which I intended to present to you:
I still think it beats all Mongolian 'books about Ger', apart from the one just published by a fellow-Dutchman (, but this one is not translated into any 'western' language yet. We are working at that though.
The fact that I finally did not leave this copy with you, has more personal reasons.
Sorry, I felt you did not deserve it. Glad to hear you didn't value it too high, so giving it back must not have been too hard.

-About not ordering from you, but instead from Ger-Tereg, well, we did, and as I said, they produced 98% satisfactory frames.
Of course, I don't know what they sold to you, but we kept them at a leash, with moulds and drawings, and this mostly worked.
Maybe the way we ordered made the difference, or the price we offered, I cannot say.
-I have no idea where you got the idea, that what they made for us, is 'terrible', as if you had seen one, or bought one??
Indeed, after dealing with them, we started another track, but that has nothing to do with the quality they made for us.

-about Lotus: one small email about the subject would have removed the remarks from the website, why this?
And why do you not give comments on all the other remarks on the page, one by one.
If you can refute them, I will immediately remove them.

-The disagreement on skirts, if you can't work with our style, then drop it, but why call it 'rubbish'?
I saw this wooden skirt here in UB in 2002, and found it too fragile for the way we use our Ger.

-Whether I am a non-productive member of society, bragging about being 'the Ger-master', well, what is it to you?
Most people I deal with find me very productive, and love the Ger we provide, being rented or sold.
And they generally admire us for moving the workshop as needed.
And if this provides me with just enough funds to 'travel to Mongolia at will', so what?
I don't feel the need to beat Ulaantaij, for what?
Numbers? Profit?
I just don't like it when people take pictures off my web-site, without asking, or/and expressing gratitude.

I should not have posted this letter of yours online, but for the moment I do.
Maybe some of my readers get a good laugh out of it.
It's too silly for words, and I am not going to spend any more server-space on it.