Un, or roofsticks
-Un are 210cm x 32mmØ, 245cm x 38mmØ, or 300cm x 48mmØ.
-Un are twice as thick as the Han-slats it rests upon.
-Un are square on their tops, and round on the bottom, and fixed to khana with 'bridles'.
-NMH Un are oversized compaired to the Mongolian originals, due to a wider grain in Dutch Larch.
NMH-Un are round-tapered on their bottom-two-thirds, and square-tapered on their tops, ending in 25 mm tips.
Tapering to 25 mm square is done by hand, to ensure a loose yet precise fit.
Over the years we've built a half-automated machine to turn the Un tapered-round, yet leave the end square for tapering
Un-tips get painted three coats of paint, (Orange or Orange), to lighten up the interior of the Ger.