The Stove is the Heart of the Ger.
It deserves special attention, and carefull choosing.
The first stove we ever had in our Ger was an imported one from Mongolia. As with everything else 'Ger', we tried the original before changing it. We see no reason for a heavier stove, or one that would burn overnight.
The original 1mm stove of 'First-ger' died at a rusty age of 7 years. For $20, (including wok) that was an incredibly good bargain!!! The stoves we produce now are a bit more expensive and elaborate, but still we believe in thin metal. 1mm for the walls, 1- and 2mm for the other parts. Lately we have changed to Corten- steel, which will give them a longer life
We build our stoves ourselves, unable to find a suitable substitution in the common market. From a Ger-stove we ask: lightweight, for ease of transport; thin walls, for quick heating; big opening, to recieve big wok for cooking; and radiation-heat, not hot-air.
Over the years our stoves have developed to some kind of standard: Basically round, with an added tear-drop at the bottom, and a box-like protrusion at the top.
A round doorlet at the front, a loose conical ring in the top, and a hinging lid.
The tear-drop-shaped bottom part allows for longer wood, the box at the backside is a simple 'afterburner'.