The Palece-outside is decorated with
original 'hammer' motif. Inside, the frame and doors (main door, service door) are
filled with original Mongolian woodcarving, and the whole frame is painted, basically orange
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Palace tech-sheet.
Diameter on the gound 8.00 mtr.
Height of wall 1.80 mtr
Centre-height 3.20 mtr.
Weight without stones 800 Kg.
Surface of floor 48 m2.
Roofsticks (Un) 50x50 mm,
98 pieces.
Diameter Tonoo 1.75 mtr
Doorframe 175 wide, 175 high.
Wall-slats min 18x38 mm, 12 crossings
Optional back-door for connecting to second Ger
Covering layers Cotton-wool-canvas-cover
Standard with three stones for the `Urgh, and one inside, the motherstone.
If pitched with 'Halz", as shown, additional stones for this.
Standard stove 55cmØ, .
Fire-proof certificates on felt and canvas.

Pitching time min. 90 min, max 120 min.