Mamager was percieved as 'the ultimate whomb', combining the best of the Tipi and the Yurt. No corners anywhere, but plenty of warm, cosy space, allbeit a bit leaky (in the centre). In the beginning she had no 'hat', but strange enough people kept complaining about the water coming in. She has had 80 people inside for a lecture, and regularly some 15-20 make their beds in there. She has been a shop, a meditation centre, a political campaign tent and a nursery, amongst others.
Mama ger has no centre-support, only a stovepipe.
Mamager is undergoing a big overhaul winter 2005/6, to be reborn with a red frame, new door, and a more practical stove.
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Mamager Tech-sheet.
Diameter on the ground 8.2 mtr.
Height of wall approx 1.30 mtr.
Centre-height 3.40 mtr.
Mamager has NO centre-supports, only a stovepipe.
Door opening approx 90 x 175
Floor area 50 m2.
Weight without stones 400 kg.
24 stones á 10 kg each, plus 120 kg 'motherplate' inside.
Covering layers: inner liner cotton, two layers of wool, two-tone canvas cover.
Egg-shaped stove, 4 windows.
Roofsticks 27x27 mm oak, 108 pieces.
Diameter tonoo 1.20 mtr
Wall slats 13x26 mm.
Mamager has no fire-certificates.
Pitching time 60-120 minutes.
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