The Castle
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The Castle is our best-renting Yurt, we think because it is so BIG. It already held 120 people seated, for a funeral, and 40 should be able to sleep in there, although with 40, there's not gonna be much sleep.
Castle is also useable as the centre of a hub, linking to more Yurts or Ger pitched against one or more of the doors.
Castle tech-sheet.
Diameter on the ground 9.0 mtr.
Height of walls 1.80 mtr
Centre-height 3.60 mtr.
Four wide doors, two single and two double doors.
Doorframes 140 wide, 185 high.
Surface of floor 65 m2.
Roofsticks (Un) tapered, 30-70 mmØ, 100 pieces.
Diameter Tonoo 1.75 mtr
Wall-slats min 18x32 mm, 12 crossings
Coverings: Cotton-felt-canvas-'halz'
Castle has 4 Bagan, in between them fits an optional platform, 1.20 x 1.20 mtr, at 2.20 mtr. elevation.
Special Mega-stove 60cmØ,
Castle comes standard with 16 benches to seat 48 people (one ring), and 160 Watts of custom PL-lights.
.Fire-proof certificates on felt and canvas.
Weight without stones 900 Kg
Standard with 24 stones for the cover, and 4 extra for the`Halz'.
Pitching time min. 60 min, max 120 min