The patent story

Recently UNESCO declared the Ger/Yurt 'World Cultural Heritage'. It is the only non-fixed object whith this status, and the status pertaines to all ger, new or old, where ever they are, indifferent of type or construction differences.

However, until 2003 the Mongolian governement-departements forestry and culture, controlled a PATENT concerning ger. They considered the total concept and the exact measurements as property of the Mongolian people, as well as the amounts of raw materials needed.
The real measures and shapes had therefore up untill recently never been published, not even in Mongolia itself.

All Ger in Mongolia are of a few standard sizes, which go back to the standards set by the Governement-controlled 'Wood Factory No.2', which operated from 1960 until (roughly) 2002. For local use these measurements, the standards, are transferred with molds and examples. This also means that in Mongolia the Ger are totally standardized, so one can buy spare parts in the general market. This standardization has been a great benefit to the development of the best Ger in the world.
We, Nooitmeerhaast, base our Ger on the standards of Wood Factory No.2, with minor changes. We have defined OUR understanding of GER in a company policy

All western attempts at copying Ger are based on (usually inaccurate) observations and or faulty assumptions.
Most if not all of these efforts have yielded some kind of success, in the commercial sense, but none of them are considered Real Ger, going by Mongolian standards

After years of dedicated study and hands-on experience,I felt confident to write down the gathered knowledge in a couple of books.
The historic part of my research is downloadable as PDF.

The current state of Ger-building (in Mongolia and here)is a developing affair, but I recently finished (I hope) The Real Mongol Ger Book, a complete guide to building a Ger.